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Dataset Title:  ALOHA Cabled Observatory (ACO): Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP):
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Institution:  University of Hawaii at Manoa   (Dataset ID: aco_adcp_temp)
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 station_name ?          "ACO"    "ACO"
 time (UTC) ?          2024-07-15T00:00:00Z    2024-07-22T00:00:00Z
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 latitude (degrees_north) ?          22.7387    22.7387
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 longitude (degrees_east) ?          -158.0062    -158.0062
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 depth (m) ?          4707.5    4707.5
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 sea_water_temperature (degree_Celsius) ?          1.48    1.63
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The Dataset Attribute Structure (.das) for this Dataset

Attributes {
 s {
  station_name {
    String actual_range 
    String cf_role "timeseries_id";
  time {
    String _CoordinateAxisType "Time";
    Float64 actual_range 1.7210016e+9, 1.7216064e+9;
    String axis "T";
    Float64 FillValue -99999.0;
    String ioos_category "Time";
    String long_name "Time";
    String standard_name "time";
    String time_origin "01-JAN-1970 00:00:00";
    String units "seconds since 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z";
    Float32 valid_max 90000.0;
    Float32 valid_min 0.0;
  latitude {
    String _CoordinateAxisType "Lat";
    Float32 actual_range 22.7387, 22.7387;
    String axis "Y";
    String ioos_category "Location";
    String long_name "Latitude";
    String standard_name "latitude";
    String units "degrees_north";
  longitude {
    String _CoordinateAxisType "Lon";
    Float32 actual_range -158.0062, -158.0062;
    String axis "X";
    String ioos_category "Location";
    String long_name "Longitude";
    String standard_name "longitude";
    String units "degrees_east";
  depth {
    String _CoordinateAxisType "Height";
    String _CoordinateZisPositive "down";
    Float32 actual_range 4707.5, 4707.5;
    String axis "Z";
    String ioos_category "Location";
    String long_name "Depth";
    String positive "down";
    String standard_name "depth";
    String units "m";
  sea_water_temperature {
    Float64 accuracy 0.02;
    Float32 actual_range 1.48, 1.63;
    String cell_methods "TIME:point DEPTH:point LATITUDE:point LONGITUDE:point";
    Float64 colorBarMaximum 40.0;
    Float64 colorBarMinimum -2.0;
    String comment "In-situ sea water temperature using International Temperature Scale of 1990";
    String DM_indicator "D";
    Float64 FillValue -999.0;
    String gts_ingest "true";
    String ioos_category "Temperature";
    String long_name "sea water temperature";
    Float32 missing_value -999.0;
    Float64 QC_indicator 0.0;
    Float64 QC_procedure 0.0;
    String reference_scale "ITS-90";
    Float64 resolution 0.01;
    Float64 sensor_depth 4726.2;
    String sensor_mount "mounted_on_benthic_node";
    String sensor_name "SonTek 250 KHz";
    String sensor_serial_number "C117";
    String standard_name "sea_water_temperature";
    String units "degree_Celsius";
    Float32 valid_max 40.0;
    Float32 valid_min -2.0;
    String acknowledgement "The Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System (PacIOOS) is funded through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) as a Regional Association within the U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS). PacIOOS is coordinated by the University of Hawaii School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST).";
    String area "Tropical Pacific Ocean";
    String author "Fernando Santiago-Mandujano";
    String cdm_data_type "TimeSeries";
    String cdm_timeseries_variables "station_name, longitude, latitude, depth";
    String citation "These data were collected and made freely available by the ALOHA Cable Observatory under the University of Hawaii (UH) National Science Foundation (NSF) project OCE 0216164, 0652430 and 0939570";
    String comment "Data produced by Fernando Santiago-Mandujano (";
    String contact "";
    String contributor_email "";
    String contributor_institution "ALOHA Cabled Observatory (ACO)";
    String contributor_name "ALOHA Cabled Observatory (ACO)";
    String contributor_role "resourceProvider";
    String contributor_url "";
    String Conventions "CF-1.6, ACDD-1.3";
    String creator_email "";
    String creator_institution "University of Hawaii at Manoa";
    String creator_name "Fernando Santiago-Mandujano";
    String creator_type "person";
    String creator_url "";
    String data_mode "D";
    String data_type "OceanSITES time-series data";
    String date_created "2012-05-01";
    String date_issued "2012-06-21";
    String date_metadata_modified "2021-04-01";
    String date_modified "2012-05-01";
    String date_update "2024-07-21T14:04:33Z";
    String defaultDataQuery "time,sea_water_temperature&time>=max(time)-1hour";
    String defaultGraphQuery "time,sea_water_temperature&time>=max(time)-1hour&.draw=lines";
    String description "OceanSITES time-series data";
    String distribution_statement "Following CLIVAR standards, cf. Data available free of charge. User assumes all risk for use of data. User must display citation in any publication or product using data. User must contact PI prior to any commercial use of data";
    Float64 Easternmost_Easting -158.0062;
    String featureType "TimeSeries";
    String format_version "1.2";
    String geospatial_bounds "POINT Z (22.7387 -158.0062 4707.5)";
    String geospatial_bounds_crs "EPSG:4326";
    String geospatial_bounds_vertical_crs "EPSG:5831";
    Float64 geospatial_lat_max 22.7387;
    Float64 geospatial_lat_min 22.7387;
    Float64 geospatial_lat_resolution 0.0;
    String geospatial_lat_units "degrees_north";
    Float64 geospatial_lon_max -158.0062;
    Float64 geospatial_lon_min -158.0062;
    Float64 geospatial_lon_resolution 0.0;
    String geospatial_lon_units "degrees_east";
    Float64 geospatial_vertical_max 4707.5;
    Float64 geospatial_vertical_min 4707.5;
    String geospatial_vertical_positive "down";
    Float64 geospatial_vertical_resolution 0.0;
    String geospatial_vertical_units "m";
    String gts_ingest "true";
    String history 
"2011-06-07T00:00:00Z UH/SOEST asset deployed (R. Lukas).
2012-06-22T00:00:00Z Added to PacIOOS ERDDAP.
    String id "/mananui_ftp/pub/aco/adp/2024/07/adp5_20240721_16_24.";
    String infoUrl "";
    String institution "University of Hawaii at Manoa";
    String institution_references "";
    String instrument "In Situ/Laboratory Instruments > Temperature/Humidity Sensors > > > Temperature Sensors";
    String instrument_vocabulary "GCMD Instrument Keywords";
    String ISO_Topic_Categories "oceans";
    String keywords "Earth Science > Oceans > Ocean Temperature > Water Temperature";
    String keywords_vocabulary "GCMD Science Keywords";
    String license "The data may be used and redistributed for free but is not intended for legal use, since it may contain inaccuracies. Neither the data Contributor, University of Hawaii, PacIOOS, NOAA, State of Hawaii nor the United States Government, nor any of their employees or contractors, makes any warranty, express or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, or assumes any legal liability for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness, of this information.";
    String locations "Continent > North America > United States Of America > Hawaii, Ocean > Pacific Ocean > Central Pacific Ocean > Hawaiian Islands > Oahu";
    String locations_vocabulary "GCMD Location Keywords";
    String Metadata_Link "";
    String naming_authority "org.pacioos";
    String Netcdf_version "4.0.1";
    Float64 Northernmost_Northing 22.7387;
    String pi_name "Bruce Howe, Roger Lukas";
    String platform "In Situ Ocean-based Platforms > Ocean Platform/Ocean Stations";
    String platform_code "ACO";
    String platform_vocabulary "GCMD Platform Keywords";
    String processing_level "near real-time (nrt)";
    String program "ALOHA Cabled Observatory (ACO)";
    String project "ALOHA Cabled Observatory (ACO)";
    String publisher_email "";
    String publisher_institution "Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System (PacIOOS)";
    String publisher_name "Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System (PacIOOS)";
    String publisher_type "institution";
    String publisher_url "";
    String quality_control_indicator "1";
    String quality_index "1";
    String references "";
    String site_code "ALOHA";
    String source "acoustic doppler current profiler (ADCP)";
    String sourceUrl "";
    Float64 Southernmost_Northing 22.7387;
    String standard_name_vocabulary "CF Standard Name Table v39";
    String summary "The University of Hawaii's ALOHA (\"A Long-term Oligotrophic Habitat Assessment\") Cabled Observatory (ACO) is located 100 km north of the island of Oahu, Hawaii (22 45'N, 158W) in the North Pacific Ocean. It provides real-time oceanographic observations from a depth of about 4,800 m via a submarine fiber optic cable that comes ashore at Makaha on Oahu. This data set provides measurements of sea water temperature at the ACO at 1.83 m above the ocean bottom for the most recent 7 days.";
    String testOutOfDate "now-60hours";
    String time_coverage_end "2024-07-22T00:00:00Z";
    String time_coverage_resolution "PT2S";
    String time_coverage_start "2024-07-15T00:00:00Z";
    String title "ALOHA Cabled Observatory (ACO): Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP): Temperature";
    String update_interval "8 hours";
    Float64 Westernmost_Easting -158.0062;
    String wmo_platform_code "5100275";


Using tabledap to Request Data and Graphs from Tabular Datasets

tabledap lets you request a data subset, a graph, or a map from a tabular dataset (for example, buoy data), via a specially formed URL. tabledap uses the OPeNDAP (external link) Data Access Protocol (DAP) (external link) and its selection constraints (external link).

The URL specifies what you want: the dataset, a description of the graph or the subset of the data, and the file type for the response.

Tabledap request URLs must be in the form{?query}
For example,,latitude,time,station,wmo_platform_code,T_25&time>=2015-05-23T12:00:00Z&time<=2015-05-31T12:00:00Z
Thus, the query is often a comma-separated list of desired variable names, followed by a collection of constraints (e.g., variable<value), each preceded by '&' (which is interpreted as "AND").

For details, see the tabledap Documentation.

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