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griddap Subset tabledap Make A Graph wms files Title Summary FGDC ISO 19115 Info Background Info RSS Email Institution Dataset ID Hui O Ka Wai Ola Water Quality Data The goal of the Hui O Ka Wai Ola (Association Of The Living Waters) citizen-science based water quality program is to increase the capacity for monitoring water quality in Maui (2016-) and Lanai (2023-) coastal waters by generating reliable data to assess long-term water-quality conditions and detect temporal trends. These data augment the data produced by the Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) Clean Water Branch (CWB) beach monitoring program.\n    \nData are collected and analyzed every two or three weeks for physical and chemical parameters, including ocean salinity, pH, temperature, organic nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorous compounds), dissolved oxygen (DO), and total suspended sediment (TSS). Some water samples are immediately tested at mobile labs while others are processed for testing at University of Hawaii and/or other labs.\n\ncdm_data_type = Point\nVARIABLES:\ntime (seconds since 1970-01-01T00:00:00Z)\nlatitude (degrees_north)\nlongitude (degrees_east)\nlocation_id (sampling site identifier)\nlocation_name\nsample_id (sample identifier)\nsession_id (sampling session identifier)\nwater_temperature (Celsius)\nsalinity (salinity PSU, 1)\nturbidity (turbidity NTU, 1)\nph (1)\noxygen (dissolved oxygen concentration, mg/L)\noxygen_saturation (dissolved oxygen saturation, %)\nnitrogen (total dissolved nitrogen, ug/L)\nphosphorus (total dissolved phosphorus, ug/L)\nphosphate (phosphorus as orthophosphate, ug/L)\nsilicate (ug/L)\nnitrate_nitrite (nitrate plus nitrite, ug/L)\nammonia (ug/L)\nqa_comments (quality assurance issues or comments)\n (external link) Hui O Ka Wai Ola hui_water_quality

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